Hi and welcome to the new ADS blog.

Why have we started a blog? Sometimes we find that what we’ve got to say is too long for twitter or Facebook, but not quite right for our website, hence this blog! We’re not promising to post something new every week, but we’ll try to post fairly regularly on a range of different topics.

It might be that we’ve been to a conference or event and want to let you know about something we’ve seen, or it might be telling you a bit about a new project that’s just started. Whatever it is, we’ll aim to make it interesting and relevant.

As this is new to us as well as you, please be gentle with us. It might take a while to get into the swing of things, but we’ll do our best!

As our ‘starter for ten’, we’ve been working on a series of project summaries which provide an overview of different research projects we’ve been involved with. If you want to take a look, why not visit our research website and look at the ‘Previous’ research tab. Many of the projects have a linked project summary, and we’ll add more as and when they are developed. Hopefully people will find them interesting and a useful way of getting a snapshot of what we do.

Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to check back soon(ish) to see what else is going on.



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