Lights, Camera, Action! – Alzheimer’s Society funding for a Namaste Care Intervention UK film

Some of you may already know about the research we are currently undertaking here at the Association for Dementia Studies (ADS) called ‘Namaste Care Intervention UK’, a 3-year implementation grant funded by the Alzheimer’s Society.

We have been working with a number of care homes across the UK to help them implement Namaste Care in their homes, and in return they’ve collected lots of data about how Namaste Care has been received by residents, staff and relatives and the impact it has had. We have finally finished collecting all of the data we need and are now sifting through and beginning to analyse it back in the research office. In the eyes of a researcher – this is seriously exciting times!

During some of the Namaste Care training sessions ADS has provided in care homes, feedback from staff was often the same. Staff expressed that they would like to see a film of Namaste Care happening on the ground, in a care home. We know that seeing something in action is incredibly powerful and for a multi-component intervention such as Namaste Care, it is essential to get real information and messages across.

We are delighted to have been granted additional funding from the Alzheimer’s Society, to create a new film, showcasing Namaste Care Intervention UK, called ‘Seeing is believing’.

Around March we will begin filming in some of the care homes who are successfully implementing Namaste Care, and we are really excited to see how we can document such an important intervention on film, with the help of an experienced filmmaker.

We would love to hear what you want to see in the film and really welcome your suggestions. Please do feel free to get in contact with Research Programme Manager Isabelle Latham, and/or join our online Namaste Care community of practice to answer our polls about what you would like to see included.

If you want more information about the community of practice, why not read one of our earlier blog posts which explains what it is.

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