Worcester and beyond – ADS in an international context

In one of our previous blog posts we said that although the Association for Dementia Studies is based in Worcester, we do a lot of work in different countries. We thought we’d give a bit more information about what we’ve done over the past 10 years outside of the UK, using our ‘international infographic’ as a starting point.

Infographic about our international work

We’ve presented on a variety of topics in over 20 different countries including (in no particular order) Norway, USA, India, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Denmark, Malta, Israel and Slovenia and many more. You can see the spread of our presentations on the map below.

Map showing where we have presented across the world

In terms of research, as well as MeetingDem (Netherlands, Poland & Italy) we’ve been part of ALCOVE (an EU-funded project focusing on sharing best practice in dementia diagnosis and care) and a member of INTERDEM (a pan-European network of researcher on early detection and psycho-social interventions in dementia). We’re also part of GAP, the Global Action on Personhood, and a member of COST action on ageism, a European action to challenge ageism and allow older people to realise their potential.

Map of Europe showing countries participating in ALCOVE and INTERDEM
Red dots = ALCOVE countries. Blue dots = INTERDEM

While our education has mostly been based in England, we’ve delivered in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so we have branched out a bit. We’ve also recently delivered a course in Gibraltar, and have run an International Summer School. Who knows where we’ll end up reaching with our education once our new Postgraduate Certificate in Person-Centred Dementia Studies and Postgraduate Award in Professional Development: Expert Practice in Delivering Person-Centred Dementia Care get started?

Several of our resources have had an international reach. The VIPS model has been used by 200+ nursing homes and 45 home care units in Norway, while the CFFV toolkit (see previous blog for more info) has been accessed by users in multiple countries. The Enhancing the Healing Environment tools (see previous blog for more info) have also been downloaded in a variety of countries including Denmark, Belgium, Spain, USA, Australia, Taiwan, Slovakia, Canada and India. The original and updated versions of the book ‘Person-centred dementia care: Making services better’ has been translated into multiple languages such as German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.

In addition, over the years we have had good working relationships, student supervision and research collaborations in: Australia (Sydney, Flinders, Queensland, Wollongong, La Trobe, Canberra), Denmark (Aarlborg, VIA University College), Germany (Witten/Herdicke), India (ARDSI), Israel (Tel Aviv), Italy (Milan, Bologna, Rimini, Riccione), Japan (Nagoya, Kobe, Hamamatsu), Netherlands (Amsterdam), New Zealand (Victoria), Norway (Oslo), Poland (Wroclaw), Portugal (Lisbon), South Africa (Cape Town), South Korea (Seoul), Spain (Catalunya), USA (Washington).

We’ve also hosted visitors from Australia, Denmark, Netherlands and USA.

There are probably other links that I’m not aware of (sorry if I’ve missed you out!), and new connections that we’re hoping to make in the future.

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