CHARM: Care Home Action Researcher-in-Residence Model

The Association for Dementia Studies (ADS) is very excited to be working on a new research project called CHARM (Care Home Action Researcher-in-Residence Model). It’s a 12-month project, funded by the Alzheimer’s Society and Dunhill Medical Trust. The project aims to support collaborative research between care homes and researchers, supporting staff, visitors and residents in care homes to design and implement their own unique and meaningful research projects.

Logos for Alzheimer's Society and Dunhill Medical Trust

There are four care providers as co-applicants to the project: Assured Healthcare Solutions Ltd, Hallmark Care Homes, Sanctuary Care and Care UK.  The team are working closely with one care home from each provider and any staff, residents and relatives who are interested in being involved. In addition, the CHARM team at ADS will be gathering data as to how this model can successfully work, with the aim to promote research in care homes.

CHARM Training Day 1

The team were lucky enough to meet with at least one representative from each care home last week to discuss the CHARM research, get to know one another and indulge in some biscuits and doughnuts (thanks to Sanctuary for those!).

Professor Tracey Williamson (the Principal Investigator for the project) explained the background to the research grant and why ADS felt it was an important and exciting project to be involved in.

Image of slide showing why ADS wanted to be involved

Isabelle Latham (the Project Lead) went over the CHARM model and the guidance and support that the team can give to members of staff from each home. She discussed what action research is and why it is suited to this type of project. The team thought about how to communicate and share research to their broader communities and shared initial ideas for research topics through group activities.

Image showing action research cycles

Faith Frost (Research Associate) shared the CHARM research branding to the group and gave everyone a chance to feedback, in true collaborative style!

Image showing CHARM branding

A variety of important experts joined the training day, including care provider leads, activity co-ordinators, care home managers, care staff and a devoted relative. CHARM really is all about collaborative working and the sharing of ideas and support, and that was really felt at the first training day. The day was packed full of information and activities, but the energy and buzz in the room remained vibrant until the end.  A fantastic start to an exciting research project!

The CHARM team are now looking forward to getting to know everyone involved in the project on a greater level and to offer further support to get the research projects off the ground.

For any further information on the research please contact Isabelle Latham

Connect with ADS on twitter @DementiaStudies and on Facebook @adsuow

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