CHARM update – team training day

It’s a slightly different blog from us this week as we’re using a series of images to represent a training day that took place before Christmas as part of the CHARM project. 15 care home staff members attended the training which was run by three member of the Association for Dementia Studies‘ research team: Dr Isabelle Latham, Professor Tracey Williamson and Faith Frost.

The first title slide
Welcome to the day

Slide on 'What is CHARM?'
Explaining the CHARM project
Slide on what attendees have learnt so far
What have we learnt?
Slide of two care homes presenting their projects
Presenting the projects
Slide of the other two care homes presenting their projects
Presenting the projects
Slide showing posters of what was presented
Visual representations of the projects
Slide of Tracey presenting research methods
Tracey presenting on research methods
Slide of Izzie leading a discussion
Izzie discussing learning outcomes
Slide of hopes and fears
Hopes and fears around engagement
Slide on ethical issues
Thinking about ethical issues
Final slide of the day
See you next time!

If you have any questions about the CHARM study please contact Isabelle Latham at

Connect with ADS on twitter @DementiaStudies and on Facebook @adsuow

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