A different type of blog – not strictly work related…

As we’re approaching the long Easter weekend in these challenging and often stressful times, we thought we’d have a break from the norm and do a lighthearted blog. Instead of telling you about what we’re doing, our work, or what’s coming up, we’re sharing a couple of quizzes that might help to keep you/friends/family occupied for a while.

(Apologies if anyone considers this inappropriate, but sometimes you just need to do something a bit different – us included! Normal service with the blogs will be resumed next week)

Quiz 1 – Music pictures

Last December a few of the ADS team had fun recreating album covers using items they found in their offices and sharing them on twitter. As we ended up with a number of images we’ve turned it into a quiz where you’ve got to try and guess what the album is. Some are trickier than others!

  • The quiz – the set of images, and on the last page is a list of the albums for you to try and match up. If you want to make it more difficult, try and work out what the albums are before seeing what the options are.
  • The answers – no cheating!
  • Comparisons – showing our version and the originals to see what they should actually look like.

Quiz 2 – General knowledge (with a Christmas focus)

Every Christmas one of the team puts together a quiz for us to do at our Christmas meal. This one has a mix of Christmassy and non-Christmassy questions, so I’m sure doing this when it’s warm and sunny won’t be at all confusing!!

Please feel free to download and share with/send to friends, family or anyone who could do with a bit of a break.

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