A blog of blogs

This ADS blog site has been up and running since August 2018, and during that time we’ve shared over 120 blog posts with you. Did you know though that we also have three other related blog sites linking to different work and projects? You can find them in the Blogroll section on the right of the screen, but this week we thought we’d put the spotlight on them for a change. So, what do we have?

This ADS blog site

This is our main blog site, where we share weekly posts on different projects, topics, events, and anything else that we think you might be interested in. In response to the pandemic we added a ‘Useful resources’ page where you can download copies of various information sheets and guides for providing support in different settings. These have proved very popular, so we hope that they have been useful over the past year. We’ve also recently added a ‘Webinars’ page to capture some of the online events that we’ve hosted, including recordings which you can watch back in your own time.

The HDRC site

HDRC logo

Technically this is the main website for the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium so it’s worth having a look around to find out more about them, but they have a blog page where they share posts on topics relating to dementia and housing. To try and reach as broad an audience as possible, we share their posts on our main site as well, so if you think a few of their posts look familiar, that’s why!

The UK Meeting Centres Support Programme blog site

As its name suggests, this blog site has a specific focus on Meeting Centres, so if that’s an area of interest for you, it’s definitely worth taking a look. Again, there’s an element of sharing going on, with any Meeting Centre-related post from our main site being shared on the Meeting Centres site and vice versa. It keeps all Meeting Centre posts together, providing a nice record of the work that’s been going on over the past few years. The site also has a ‘Webinars’ page with links to all Meeting Centres-related online events, and a ‘Useful resources’ page which currently features links to a wide variety of activity resources that may help Meeting Centres to support their members during the pandemic and also when they return to face-to-face support.

The SCI-Dem/Get Real blog site

Our final blog site was initially set up to report on the SCI-Dem project, but has recently evolved to cover the new ‘Get Real’ project which is essentially the next phase putting the SCI-Dem findings into practice. Posts on this site provide a great insight into the two projects, digging a bit deeper into some of the research aspects, especially as SCI-Dem was our first foray into realist research. This blog site is more like telling the ongoing story of the two projects and tracking their progress over time, so don’t tend to sit very well on our main blog site where there are lots of different topics mixed together. Therefore we don’t share posts, but we will aim to get better at letting you know when new posts become available there. On that note, a new post went out last week about the first project meeting for Get Real, so take a look!

Other blogs

Finally, we do occasionally write blog posts for other sites, so we will include links to these in our blogroll when they are published.

The following diagram shows how everything links together.

We do try to let people know when new blogs are available – regardless of which site they’re on – so keep an eye out on our social media channels. Connect with ADS on twitter @DementiaStudies and on Facebook @adsuow

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