5 blogs you may have missed

Our blog site aims to release a new post every week, but we realise that it’s not always easy to keep up with them. So this week we’re going to take stock and do a quick recap of five blogs that you may have missed from the past year.

1. Exploring issues relating to housing and care provision for LGBTQ older people – As it’s currently Pride Month, this seemed appropriate. It provides an overview of a webinar organised by the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium where three presenters shared their views and experiences of some of the issues facing LGBTQ people with dementia and LGBTQ older people more widely. It was a well-attended and well-received webinar, so definitely worth another look.

2. Reviewing and refreshing the Enhancing the Healing Environment Assessment Tools – We’ve had a few posts about the EHE tools, but as we think they’re valuable and important tools we’re not going to apologise for that! This particular post looks at work we did last year to update the tools to include current best practice and information. Since then we’ve been looking at expanding the range of tools by working on a version for gardens and outdoor spaces (still a work in progress), so it’s almost like mentioning the previous blog gave us an opportunity to highlight that!

3. People with dementia contributing original content to the online educational offering of a new University course as part of everyday citizenship – A bit of a mouthful, but don’t let that put you off. This post talked about how we worked with a lady with dementia to capture her experiences for use in our Postgraduate Certificate module ‘Engagement and Empowerment in Dementia Studies’. That module has recently ended (due to run again in January 2022), and the feedback we’ve seen from students really highlights the value of this work and how much it added to the course.

“I love that this module really does put the person living with dementia at the heart of it and their voice is coming through loud and clear”

“The biggest value for me is in the teachers of this module. We hear rich insights from people whose lived experience involves dementia every day”

4. Wear to Care – exploring the issue of uniforms in care homes – This blog looks at a project that slipped under the radar a bit as it was delayed by the pandemic (like many things). We did manage to complete it between lockdowns thanks to the efforts of the care home staff and some online support from the ADS team. We’re hoping to have an article about this work in due course, but in the meantime this post gives a good overview of what was done and the key findings.

5. Putting Worcester on the map (literally) – the launch of two new digital platforms – Although this was a fairly recent post, it’s worth repeating as there have already been some developments for one of the platforms featured. As mentioned in the post, the ‘Know Your Place Worcester’ platform will evolve over time as more information and photos are added, and since its launch in April at least two new map layers have been included. This means that you can see how Worcester had changed over the years by comparing it to the current map. We’ve been seeing how the University of Worcester site has developed!

So that’s it, five posts from the past year that we thought we’d highlight – although obviously all are worth checking out! Enjoy.

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