If you went to the Olympics…?

With the Olympics in full swing this week’s blog is a bit of a break and just for fun, thinking how the work we do could be similar to some of the different sports involved. (Go along with it, and allow us a few tenuous connections!)

Canoe slalom – When we talk about the ‘dementia journey’ we often compare it to being on a boat as it travels down a river. There can be some smooth patches, some rocky bits, eddies and swirls, and maybe even some white water at times. You might not be sure what’s waiting for you around the next bend, and navigating your way to the end can be a real challenge.

Artistic/synchronised swimming – We’d like to think that we presented a smooth, organised impression when we hosted actual events (remember those?), but what you hopefully didn’t see was how everyone was working like mad behind the scenes – or under the surface if we’re thinking of swimming.

Modern pentathlon (or really any multi-sport event) – Although we might have our own strengths and specialities, we all need to be good at multiple different disciplines and be able to switch between them quite quickly.

Track cycling – Sometimes it can feel like you’re going round in circles or doing the same things again and again, but actually it’s worth recognising that with every ‘lap’ we are making progress and getting closer to the finishing line.

Equestrian/show jumping – Very occasionally we can find ourselves faced with some fairly big obstacles or things that challenge us, but most of the time we manage to get over. If we do knock a pole off, there’s always someone within the team to help us put it back on and have another go.

Trampolining – We usually use the metaphor of a rollercoaster (particularly when it comes to Meeting Centres!), but trampolining works just as well. It’s all about taking the highs with the lows, and recognising that sometimes you need the lows to make the best of the highs. When you do get the highs, they’re a great chance to really show what you’re capable of.

Athletics 4x400m relays – It really is a cliché (mind you, what hasn’t been a cliché in this blog?), but everyone has their part to play in what we do and teamwork is crucial to ensure that the baton gets round safely.

Sport climbing (not the speed version!) – Some challenges we face might feel a bit daunting at times, but if you can plan your route, break it down into manageable chunks and take your time, you can make it through (or up).

Rugby sevens – I could pretend that this is about teamwork or having to tackle things that get in your way, but actually sometimes it’s just about getting hold of the ball and running with it! (I realise there’s much more to rugby sevens than this, so please don’t think I’m belittling the sport!!!)

And finally, our fabulous admin team would probably say that trying to organise us at times is a bit like wrestling, but we couldn’t possibly comment!

What Olympic sport do you associate with?

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