12 resources you should know about

Before Christmas, instead of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ we thought we’d tell everyone about a different resource each day. This was done on both our Twitter (@DementiaStudies) and Facebook (@adsuow) accounts, but in case you missed it or you’re not on social media we’ve pulled it all together here. We also think the resources are worth shouting about, so we make no apology for trying to let everyone know about them!

Resource 1

First off, the CHARM Manual, our newest resource. A FREE interactive, downloadable, step-by-step manual for conducting research in care homes. You can get a copy here.

Resource 2

Our second resource to bring to your attention is the gardens assessment tool ‘Is your garden dementia friendly?’ It’s the latest in the suite of assessment tools and you can download it for free via our website.

Resource 3

It’s actually a triple resource bonus as there are three SCI-Dem booklets aimed at different audiences. Not sure what SCI-Dem is or how to find the booklets? We’ve got a blog for that!

Resource 4

Our next resource came from our TAnDem PhD students and is a set of two booklets capturing a range of creative and sensory activities for people and families affected by dementia. You can get a copy of these via our website.

Resource 5

We’ve combined two resources today as they’re related, but they are actually two separate entities. They are from our suite of free environmental assessment tools and are aimed at wards and hospitals. You can download them both for free via our website.

Resource 6

Hopefully some of you have already heard of this resource, the Care Fit for VIPS toolkit. Just in case you haven’t, or aren’t quite sure how to use it in practice, please have a look at this previous blog.

Resource 7

This next resource was developed in conjunction with Community First in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and is a free guide and checklist to make village halls dementia friendly.

Resource 8

Still going strong is the Stand by Me training course which you can access for free via Skills for Health.

Resource 9

Another resource from our suite of free environmental assessment tools, this time for people looking to make their care home dementia friendly. Have a look at our website to download a copy.

Resource 10

A different type of resource now as it’s a booklet setting out the Essential Features of a Meeting Centre. Looking to set up a Meeting Centre but not sure what the main points to bear in mind are? Have a look to find out more. There are also plenty of other Meeting Centre related resources available via our website.

Resource 11

This resource for housing providers comes from our suite of free environmental assessment tools. If you want to know what you need to do to make your housing more dementia friendly, this is a great place to start.

If you live in your own home, you’re not being left out. There is also a booklet we’ve had input to which is looking at making your home dementia friendly.

Resource 12

Our 12th resource is the final one from our suite of free environmental assessment tools. This time it’s for people looking to make their health centre dementia friendly. Download your free copy via our website.

So our list of 12 resources has come to an end and hopefully a few have caught your attention, especially as they are all free to access! Don’t forget we’ve also got resources on the ‘Useful resources’ pages of both this blog site and the Meeting Centre blog site.

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