Meeting Centre webinars 2022

If you’ve been following our blogs for a while, you’ve probably seen posts about previous Meeting Centre webinars that we’ve been hosting for the past couple of years. We’ve covered a variety of different topics and had a good turnout each time, with our blog posts (too many to tell you about!) and recordings (available via the webinars page) also seeing a steady audience as they enable people to find out what went on even if they couldn’t attend in person. As the webinars have been well-received, we’re planning to continue them throughout 2022.

Here’s what you can look forward to over the next year:

  • 25th February (12noon to 1pm) – The Evolution of Meeting Centres in Scotland. Hear about the recent interest in and growth of Meeting Centres in Scotland. Why and how has this come about?
  • 25th March (12noon to 1pm) – My Meeting Centre Journey. Professor Dawn Brooker MBE will be reflecting on her involvement with Meeting Centres since 2014.
  • 29th April (10.30am to 1pm) – Heritage Dementia Pathfinders: Meeting Centres working both sides of the door. During this session creative practitioners from the local community will share their experiences of co-designing and implementing heritage projects at Leominster Meeting Centre. They will discuss what they have learned, lessons for future practice and embedding their work into the adjusting to change model.
  • 27th May (12noon to 1pm) – The Evolution of Meeting Centres in Wales. Hear about the recent interest in and growth of Meeting Centres in Wales. Why and how has this come about?
  • 24th June (12noon to 1pm) – Worcestershire Meeting Centre Programme. This regional initiative was the first of its kind in the UK. In this session we will look at what has been learned so far. We will also hear from Nathan Stephens who will give an overview of his PhD research on the value of Meeting Centres.

We’ll take a quick break over the Summer before coming back for the final few webinars

  • 30th September (12noon to 1pm) – We’re All in this Together! People with dementia and family carers tell us what they value about Meeting Centres and how they see them developing across the UK.
  • 28th October (12noon to 1pm) – It’s all about the Research! Hear about the different research projects and from those collecting data on a daily basis at Meeting Centres. How are we adding to the Meeting Centre evidence base?
  • 25th November (12noon to 1pm) – UK Meeting Centres: standing on the shoulders of giants. Taking a look back and looking ahead over the next three years.

If any of the webinars have to change for any reason, we’ll keep you updated!

All of this information will be available on our website, but the link you’ll need to join each webinar is: (Passcode: 555223)

We hope that this sounds like an interesting series of webinars and you can come and join us to find out more in due course.

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