Revisiting two ‘new’ online platforms

Last year we told you about two new digital platforms, Know Your Place Worcester and Life Stories Herefordshire and Worcestershire, in one of our blog posts. Somehow, it’s nearly a year since they were launched online, and I’m not quite sure where that time has gone!

Since then, there has been a full ‘in person’ launch in Worcester and the platforms were even featured in the Worcester News. The platforms have moved from being ‘new’ to ‘established’, and we hope that many people have been able to enjoy using them over the past 11 months. We won’t go into what the platforms are in any detail at that was covered in an earlier blog, but as a quick overview:

  • If you’re interested in maps and old photos and seeing what Worcester looked like in the past, Know Your Place Worcester is just up your street (very bad pun intended!).
  • If you’d like to capture stories and photos from your past and present, either for your own interest or to share with others, have a look at Life Stories Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
The logos for the two platforms

Although we’re not involved with the two platforms themselves, we are evaluating their impact. How are people using the platforms? What have they done as a result of using the platforms? What impact have they had in practice? To find these things out, we are conducting two online surveys – one for each resource. The surveys will be anonymous, so if you have used either (or both) of the platforms and wish to get involved and provide some feedback, please do click on the appropriate link(s) and join in.

Hopefully now that both platforms have been available for a while, some of you will have had the chance to use them and be in a position to let us know what you think, but if it’s the first time you’ve heard about them please do go and have a look (and then complete our surveys, obviously!). Thank you if you’ve already completed the survey, and we look forward to hearing from many more of you in the coming months.

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