Four seasons in one month

A quick bonus blog for you, as we wanted to update you on Senior Research Fellow Teresa Atkinson’s 100km dog walking challenge in March. Over to Teresa:

Calendar showing March 31st, the end of Teresa's challenge
The March challenge has ended!

Whilst I was never in doubt that I would rise to the challenge of walking 100km in a month, it’s certainly had its ups and downs. Who would have thought we could go from 19 degrees to snow in the matter of a few days? So here is a photo of me on my last, triumphant day, looking a little euphoric and wrapped up.

Teresa wearing a bobble hat, and her dog Oska
Teresa and Oska

Oska is looking much as though I’m forcing him to be photogenic, but he was a little distracted by a pheasant. I have to say, that has been his main focus during our walks – when can I spot my next pheasant, or squirrel?! It’s a game he takes great delight in! Thankfully he is less interested in sheep which we saw in abundance, along with lambs, on our walks.

A series of images showing views from Teresa's walks - a lake in a wood, a celandine flower, and blue skies over a field of sheep

Thank you all for your kind donations (it’s not too late by the way!). Dementia UK is such a fantastic charity and I have the privilege of knowing several Admiral Nurses so can vouch for the amazing work they do.

Dementia UK’s next challenge (I use that word lightly) is #TimeforACuppa in May – cake and a cuppa anyone? I’m up for that kind of challenge!

Congratulations Teresa!

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