Care Fit for VIPS – upgraded

As some of you are hopefully aware, we’ve been involved in the Care Fit for VIPS online toolkit for quite a few years, expanding the original care home offer to develop versions for use in day centres, hospitals, domiciliary care and community settings (see previous blog).

We’re very pleased to say that in recent months we’ve been working with Improvement Cymru (which is part of Public Health Wales) and Crystal (the online platform developers) to upgrade the existing website and create a bespoke version for use in Welsh hospitals as part of the implementation of their Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter for Wales.

The toolkit remains free to access for everyone, but if you are working in a Welsh hospital you will be given your own log-in details as part of the rollout of the bespoke version. If this applies to you, you can find out more about the Welsh hospital version and when you will be able to access the toolkit by contacting

Screenshot of part of the Care Fit for VIPS home page showing the different versions and the Wales Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter section.

Previous blogs have looked at how to use the Care Fit for VIPS toolkit, and the functionality essentially remains the same so if you’re an existing user you should be able to find your way around without a problem! One of the main benefits you’ll find is that you can now access all of the different versions (i.e. the different health and care settings) via one log-in, and easily switch between them. You can also carry out multiple assessments without losing your previous information. For example, if you work across more than one care home or on different wards you can do a separate assessment for each one and swap between them at any time. Just have a look at the ‘Locations’ functionality when you join or log in.

If you’re an existing user you should have received an email about the upgrade (check your junk folder if you haven’t seen it!), and if you’re not yet a user you can join for free by visiting the Care Fit for VIPS website.

Screenshot from the Care Fit for VIPS toolkit showing the V I P S areas.

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