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At the moment we’ve got three opportunities for people to get involved with our research activities, and although we’ve covered them in previous blogs we thought we’d bring them together to remind you of them in one place. In no particular order…

Get Real with Meeting Centres survey

As described in our ‘What do you value about Meeting Centres?’ blog, we’re looking for family members, friends and/or carers of people affected by dementia who attend Meeting Centres. We want to know about their experiences of Meeting Centres and also what their preferences are, to help us in our work looking at the sustainability of Meeting Centres.

Do you fit the bill? Could you share your views with us as part of this project? If yes, please complete the survey here. We’ve been able to extend the deadline for this survey, so it’s not too late.

CHARM Framework manual

When we put out our blog ‘The CHARM Framework manual has taken off!’ back in March, it had been downloaded around 700 times, which was brilliant. It has now been downloaded just over 900 times(!!), and we’re really interested to find out how people are using it in practice and what they think of it. Although it’s been developed from work in care homes, it’s principles are applicable in different settings too, so hopefully some of those downloads are from people who work in non-care home settings.

Have you downloaded a copy of the CHARM Framework manual? Can you spare five minutes to give us some feedback or suggest where the manual could be improved? If so, you can access the survey here. There is no closing date for this survey so you can get involved at any point.

Worcester Life Stories

We’re evaluating the impact of the ‘Know Your Place’ and ‘Life Stories Herefordshire and Worcestershire’ platforms as part of our Worcester Life Stories project. You can find out more about the platforms in previous blogs such as ‘Revisiting two ‘new’ online platforms’, and you can also get involved. We’ve got two surveys open at the moment, one for each platform, to find out how people are using the platforms and what they’ve done as a result of using them. We realise that people need time to use the platforms before they can comment on them, so we’ve extended the deadline for a bit.

Have you had experience of using one or both platforms, either on your own or with others? Please click on the relevant link(s) below to get involved.

If you’re wondering whether or not to complete any of these surveys, here are a few bits of extra information:

  • All of the surveys are anonymous.
  • They are all quite short so shouldn’t take long to complete.
  • The Worcester Life Stories surveys have full project information at the start to fulfil the ethics requirements for that project.

Also, every response we get really is important and could help us make a difference. If you can’t complete any of our surveys, feel free to pass on the information to someone else who can. Thank you!

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