Getting ready for the academic year

With August rapidly disappearing, we’re putting the finishing touches to our Postgraduate Certificate in Person-Centred Dementia Studies modules which will be running from September. They’ve all run before, so it’s mainly a case of making a few tweaks based on student feedback and adding in any new information to keep them current. It’s not too late to enrol if you’re interested in studying with us (or get ahead of the game and get sorted early for a January start!), and don’t forget you can sign up for a single module before making a decision about whether to do the full Postgraduate Certificate. So what can you study?

Starting in September

  • MDEM4001 Person-Centred Leadership: The VIPS Approach – Nicola Jacobson-Wright will be leading this module, and this is the mandatory module if you’re doing the full PGCert. On this module Nicola will be focusing on the development of the students’ leadership skills to critically analyse service provision for people living with dementia from the perspective of the person living with dementia, and how they can lead services to work better from this perspective.
  • MDEM4004 Supporting People Living with Advanced Dementia – On this module, Mary Bruce will be encouraging students to consider the important aspects of care planning and approaches to support relevant to the care of people living with advanced dementia. Students will consider the utility of identifying and defining advanced dementia and consider the ways in which this impacts upon the person, their family, health and social care professionals and other agencies delivering support.
  • MDEM4005 Enabling Environments for People Living with Dementia – Led by Teresa Atkinson, this module will help students understand how opportunities and constraints in any given environment can impact on people with dementia is important to supporting well-being and the citizenship of people living with dementia regardless of where they reside. This module examines the creation of dementia friendly communities, enabling environments in the home and health care settings, as well as the contribution of the person-environment fit to well-being, autonomy and preservation of self and identity.

Starting in January 2023

  • MDEM4003 Expert Practice in Delivering Person-Centres Dementia Care – This double module is a Postgraduate Award in its own right, and runs across the calendar year with a break over the Summer. Nicola Jacobson-Wright is the module lead, and this module will enable participants to implement the Focussed Intervention Training and Support (FITS) programme for people with dementia who have complex needs and distressed behaviour. This is an evidence-based training and support intervention that improves psychosocial care and thus reduces the use of restrictive interventions such as anti-psychotic prescribing. It is applicable to practitioners from multi-disciplinary professional backgrounds in health and social care. As part of the module participants will deliver one cohort of FITS into Practice within their own organisation/s.
  • MDEM4006 Engagement and Empowerment in Dementia Studies – Module lead Dr Chris Russell will focus on the development of the students’ in-depth understanding of authentic engagement and empowerment in relation to people living with dementia in a diverse range of contexts. Students will develop a knowledge-base and skills specific to their own sphere of influence to enable people with dementia and care partners to promote a citizenship approach.
  • MDEM4007 Dementia in the Family Context – Whilst family carers are becoming less hidden, interventions to respond to their needs for more information, skills to manage challenges and to cope with the experience of someone with a degenerative condition, are often underdeveloped or researched. Teresa Atkinson is the module lead and will be helping students to develop an in-depth understanding of the experience, needs, interventions and outcomes of family carers of persons with dementia, and how those issues contribute or detract from their resilience and wellbeing in a diverse range of contexts.

To find out more information about fees and how to apply, please visit the University of Worcester website. On this page you can also hear directly from the module leads by watching video clips for each module.

There are also comments and videos from former students to share their views about what it was like to study with us.

Some of our previous blogs also provide further information and insights into our modules, so you can always look at them as well.

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