Introducing CAMBUS

This week we’d like to let you know about an exciting new initiative that has started in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The Coffee and Memory Bus (CAMBUS) scheme currently comprises two minibuses/vans, which will travel around Herefordshire and Worcestershire reaching out to people in their community and providing a safe and friendly space for people to enjoy a tea or coffee, have a chat, find out useful information, and even start creating their own life story on the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Life Stories platform.

It can sometimes be difficult for people to access support services or find out about what is available to them, so this initiative aims to take that support and information to people where they are. Maybe they have concerns about their memory or a relative’s memory and aren’t sure what the next step is. Maybe they just want to be a bit more social by having a drink and a chat with others. CAMBUS provides those opportunities.


In Herefordshire, the CAMBUS ‘Molly’ is operated by Dementia Matters Here (DMH). (Please note Molly is currently undergoing a signwriting makeover, so will look a bit different when you next see her!) DMH supports people affected by dementia and memory issues, their carers and families across Herefordshire by providing a number of different services to enable people to live well.

Series of images showing Molly the bus from different angles


In Worcestershire, the CAMBUS ‘Mary’ is operated by Age UK Worcester and Malvern Hills (Age UK W&MH). They are a local, independent charity working in the Worcester and Malvern Hills community to support older people, their families and their carers.

Series of images showing Mary from different angles

What about life story work?

One aspect of the support provided by CAMBUS is to help people start using the online life story platform Herefordshire & Worcestershire Life Stories. If people aren’t confident getting online, CAMBUS can help them out, get them registered on the platform, and work with them to start putting their life story ‘book’ together. While CAMBUS will visit different locations, the intention is to revisit places on a regular basis, so if someone starts a life story book they can be supported to work on it and add to it over time.

Find out more

The CAMBUS website is currently under development, but keep an eye on it over time as the details of where Molly and Mary are going to be will be added in due course. You can also use the contact details on the website to get in touch if you would like a CAMBUS to come and spend some time in your area.

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