5 blogs you may have missed

Our blog site aims to release a new post every week, but we realise that it’s not always easy to keep up with them. So this week we’re going to take stock and do a quick recap of five blogs that you may have missed from the past year.

1. Exploring issues relating to housing and care provision for LGBTQ older people – As it’s currently Pride Month, this seemed appropriate. It provides an overview of a webinar organised by the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium where three presenters shared their views and experiences of some of the issues facing LGBTQ people with dementia and LGBTQ older people more widely. It was a well-attended and well-received webinar, so definitely worth another look.

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Gender neutrality in dementia care

The following blog is from Phil Harper, Associate Lecture at the University of Worcester who is currently studying for a Professional Doctorate at Manchester Metropolitan University where they are looking at understanding the needs of an LGBTQ+ person living with dementia. Here, they share their own views and raise some important questions to get us all thinking. Over to Phil:

When I was asked to write this blog for the Association for Dementia Studies on LGBTQ and dementia for LGBTQ History Month I struggled to decide what to focus on, there is so much to write about. Then it hit me, I have recently ‘come out’ as non-binary and this journey triggered a change in my research direction. I am now focusing on gender non-conformity and dementia. Why not have a rant, I mean discussion, around how gender neutrality is seen in dementia care?

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